Five Reasons to Keep Your Receipts: WHY THEY’RE WRONG!! Just Trust Receipt Capture Technology

In keeping up with the latest digital receipt capture news, trends, innovations, and customer opinions, here at Tabscanner we absorb a lot of information.

As a business, we take great pride in customer experience – and that goes far beyond offering the world’s most accurate receipt OCR or that our lightning fast cloud API can process all receipt data fields in under two seconds. For us, customer experience encompasses everything about our business.

Tabscanner Receipt Capture API 

It should come as little surprise that we have our fingers on the pulse of all things OCR. We’re constantly striving to improve our service. This ethos requires much thought and research, in both the tech and commercial aspects of the business.

Now you may be thinking where are we going here? Well, recently, we’ve read a handful of articles written about why sticking with paper receipts is better than keeping digital ones. Now, we obviously wouldn’t invest so much of our time, effort, and resources into a business that we didn’t believe in, who would? But, if you’re on the fence wondering if you should invest in receipt capture software, let us give you a few reasons why not to keep your receipts.

Paper Receipts Have More Information than Digital Receipt Capture Files – WRONG

For a long time, OCR was criticised because when data was extracted from the paper receipt and transferred to digital format data was lost. Line items, amounts, even contact details disappeared. This is no longer the case… at least not with Tabscanner’s receipt capture API.

Tabscanner achieves 98% accuracy on all core data, including establishments, dates, and total amounts. Paper receipts don’t have more information than our digital receipts and this is all thanks to our powerful OCR API technology.

The Marketing Advantages of Paper Receipts – WRONG

Surprisingly to us, the belief that paper receipts somehow offer businesses more marketing opportunities than those in a digital format has been mentioned frequently during our research. Our question is ‘how?’

Paper receipts are lauded for their ability to onboard customers to loyalty programs or grow a retailer’s social media following. Well, we don’t want to burst the bubble of anyone who believes wholeheartedly in paper receipts at the POS, but can’t receipt capture OCR offer the same advantages?
Then there’s the idea of coupons. When was the last time that you heard or witnessed someone cutting holding a paper coupon?

The Customer Experience of Paper Receipts Over Receipt Capture OCR – WRONG

When was the last time that you heard anyone describe paper receipts as part of a positive customer experience? Now, we’re not knocking POS proof of purchases of old, but they surely can’t be described as ‘an experience’.

The whole point of our integrated digital world is optimisation. Things are streamlined, more efficient, easier to manage. Juggling tiny bits of paper in your hands or keeping them for so long that the ink starts to fade hardly seems like the more efficient way to prove that you’ve bought a product or service, does it?

Receipts Don’t Harm Us – WRONG

Here’s an argument that we find confounding – paper receipts don’t harm us, so why would we need to stop using them? You’d be surprised how often we’ve heard this! Especially now we are in a global pandemic- paper receipts are simply unsanitary.

So, let’s just be upfront. This is wrong, wrong, wrong. Paper receipts are coated with a highly controversial chemical BPA (Bisphenol A). Some experts believe that exposure to BPA disrupts normal hormone levels in the body and can even lead to developing heart problems and cancer… why would anyone exposure themselves to this industrial chemical?

How Else Are We to Manage Expenses? Paper Receipts Are All We Have – WRONG

You’d be surprised just how many people believe that paper or e-receipts are the only types of proof of payment available. They steadfastly defend paper receipts even though they can be lost easily, they fade, the don’t add anything to brand identity and they threaten our health.

Just think how much easier it would be if you could just take a picture of a paper receipt, upload it to your phone and then store the data in the cloud? Hold on a minute, you can! This is exactly what receipt capture API software does!

Think that you need to keep a firm grip on your paper receipts? Maybe it’s time to think again!



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