Consumers and businesses have long held onto their receipts. It has become so intrinsic to purchasing that we take it for granted. Some of us hoard our receipts for years on end, piling them in desk drawers, in Perspex folders or even in coat pockets.

This presents a problem – not an inefficient use of space; one more important to financial recordkeeping. Receipts fade. Printed on thermal paper, though the ink appears crisp and sharp when first printed, over time they fade making it difficult to read the information and effectively rendering the receipt useless.

Receipts are typically printed on thermal paper which produces text and images when heat is applied to the surface. The problem is that this type of paper is susceptible to heat and UV light. Consistent exposure will result in gradual fading.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this. All you need to do is to use receipt scanning technology.

Receipt Scanning API Can Restore a Faded Receipt

With just a quick search online, you can find a few handy ways of restoring a faded receipt. One such way is to digitally scan the receipt and manipulate the image in Photoshop. This has proven to be effective, providing that the receipts paper is not turned yellow or brownish.

All you need to do is to scan the receipt as you would a photograph. Next open the image the photo editing software and manipulate the image. Making a negative of it is a great way to capture the faded information. Just adjust the image settings – which can be found in tools.

Now, not everyone is a Photoshop whizz. But don’t despair. Receipt scanning API’s are a simple, straightforward way of restoring receipts. And better still, all you need is a smartphone and an app.

How to Extract Data from Receipts Within an Application

If you can take a picture with your smartphone and open an app, you can extract receipt data with Tabscanner’s API. It’s that simple. As the world’s most accurate receipt OCR API, Tabscanner employs intelligent data capture that can be seamlessly integrated into myriad of software.

All it takes is three easy steps.

  1. Step One: take a picture of your receipt.
  2. Step Two: upload the picture to the app.
  3. Step Three: the data is extracted and automatically saved to the cloud.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

The best part? You can manage your receipts remotely, anywhere in the world, or on the go!

Why Tabscanner Is the Best Receipt API

Any app is only as good as its API. Whether it provides receipt data extraction or provides you with an augmented reality experience like no other, our receipt scanning API (application programming interface) is revered by third parties who understand its progressive capabilities.

The most notable features include intelligent data capture. Translation: it understands receipt fields with human level intelligence, making it as accurate as you can possibly get.

Speaking of accuracy, Tabscanner is the only technology to return accurate line items from any POS sales receipt in the world. Having successfully extracted more than 100,000,000 receipts worldwide, the technology has achieved 98% accuracy on core data, including establishments, dates, and, of course, line amounts.

Anything else? Well, all POS data is processed from the POS sales receipt in under 2 seconds! There is even multi-language support which means that data can be extracted from any language and character set in the world!

Moreover, the technology features a simple and robust EDE API which is easy to use and integrate and strict data privacy policies and ISO 27001 certification ensures that data is fully protected.

In short, you get the best performance from a technology that’s backed by the apex of security.

What Makes Tabscanner Receipt OCR Secure?

In our digital age, when online privacy and data privacy are at the forefront of business concerns, Tabscanner take your data privacy seriously. Our cloud-based solution ensures that all your data is encrypted at all times. The result? No one can get access to your personal information.

All data is temporarily stored for processing purposes and providing you with a valuable service. Rest-assured, your data will be stored and processed in highly secure, AWS data centres and automatically purged from our servers in-line with our data retention policy.

This shows our commitment to protecting and respecting your privacy.

The Best Way to Manage Your Receipt Expenses

So, can you restore a faded receipt with receipt scanning technology? The answer is a resounding yes!
Of course, there are other options that you can try – scanning a receipt and manipulating the image in Photoshop, even applying the heat of a hairdryer to the reverse side of the receipt but, nothing beats an app powered by Tabscanner’s receipt scanning API.

Need we say anymore?