An OCR receipt scanner will change your life. A bold claim, we know, but one that’s completely justified. Think about the psychology behind the mobile phone. In the late 80’s a small selection of the populace carried the unmistakable brick-like devices. Limited signal strength and battery longevity aside, mobiles were viewed by many as an unnecessary extravagance, with many people asking the question, ‘why would I need a mobile phone?’

Fast forward a decade or two and the tide of opinion began to change. The digital revolution was upon us – and mobile phones were right at the forefront of our shift in perception. Our eyes were opened to the possibility of an interconnected world, free access to a wealth of communication and technology-driven communication. Mobiles became an extension of our arm.

Today, the breadth of how technology has impacted our lives can scarcely be calculated. Instant communication the world over, apps, voice-activated communication, live videos…the list goes on. Yet, despite this slew of connectivity, very few of us understand how the technology works. So, to de-mystify the conundrum of how the technology works on a fundamental level, we thought we’d break down the concept – and use, arguably, the next significant technology breakthrough – check scanner API.

The Digital Check Scanner Application Program Interface (API)

When you break it down to brass tax, OCR check scanning technology is all about the image. Any check scanning platform is only as good as the images it produces. Line by line data scanning and extraction can make managing expenses – and commercial processes in general – a cinch. The leading digital OCR check scanners have a reputation for producing the highest-quality images, allowing for comprehensive and meticulous transfer and storage of all pertinent data.

Image quality is dependent on a handful of factors. From the consistent of the transfer speed to the quality of camera resolution and the method employed by the API to process the image, all these factors must be optimized to process the image and transfer all bill or document data. Leading scanner technology manufacturers optimize their performance by ensuring that their images are conversant with 300dpi cameras. What defines a superlative check scanner API is the process performance.

A decade ago – or even five years ago – the foremost technology fell short of what is considered ‘meticulous scanning’, however, this has changed and is continuing to evolve all the time. The best OCR checking technology incorporates four different algorithms, one OCR and three that are magnetic. These algorithms are designed to provide ideal optical character recognition and deliver the foremost bill and document scanning that’s both highly-reliable and trusted.

The Power of Adaptive Thresholding

The foremost check scanner API technology will feature something called adaptive thresholding. This feature intelligently reviews and retains characters whilst eliminating any background images that may interfere with the line item.

What does this mean? Well, bills and documents all feature information that’s not directly applicable to cost. From company logos to contact information, images and even special offers. Adaptive thresholding distinguishes expense information from extra content not relevant to its purpose. This allows for comprehensive and reliable data extraction, allowing users to have to utmost confidence in their expensive management process.

Clear, crisp information eliminates consistent human intervention, breeds confidence and lowers overall process costs – something all businesses will find highly attractive. This is no more apparent than if you consider that a single line misread can cost as much as $0.10. On a large scale, processing 500 checks a week with poor quality check scanner API could result in a loss of $50.00. If you then multiply that by 52 weeks in a year, the net loss is $2,600 – and that’s from single device! Can you afford to lose $2,600 a year?

An OCR check scanner will change your life. There’s no denying that mobile technology revolutionized our lives, but the technology is only as good as what we can do with it. With the ability to completely optimize our expenses, are we on the cusp of the next revolutionary breakthrough that optimized our finances once and for all?

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