With the summer now in full-swing, it’s a time when most of us relax in the sunshine, plan that summer vacation or spend some quality time with our families.

This is what summer is all about. However, summer is also a good time to get organised too. Companies across the globe anticipate and plan for those weeks when employees take a well-earned vacation. What does this mean? Well, depending on your business sector, summer can be quieter. Clients may delay their orders, giving you more time for admin.

Summer is also the time when the bright sunshine can cause the ink on paper receipts to fade. This can make it increasingly difficult for companies to accurately calculate their expenses. This can only mean one thing: it’s time that you get into the digital age and use an OCR receipt scanner.

So, as opposed to listing the countless advantages of receipt scanning technology (you’ll never have to worry about losing receipts again, all you expense documentation will be safely stored in a Cloud account), we thought that we’d show you how you can organise your receipts into digital files.

Use the Cloud

Cloud computing makes it easy for anyone to organise, store and access digital copies of their receipts. All you’ll need is a secure internet connection and device of your choosing.

Apps help both businesses and people to effectively organise their receipts and create expense reports quickly and easily – wherever you are. The best apps use receipt scanning OCR to meticulously pull in all relevant data. You’ll never have to worry about a receipt fading in the sun again or losing important paper records of your purchases!

Once receipt data has been captured, you can upload the document to the Cloud. Here, it’ll be saved forever – or for as long as you need it! The Cloud has made safe and comprehensive storage of vital information a breeze.

Use Mobile Apps

By now, most of us in the world rely on apps to organise, inform and even entertain us every single day. So, why not use mobile apps to efficiently track your receipts! Evolving technology has seen apps developed, specifically for receipt scanning.

In those hot and humid summer months, an OCR receipt scanner app can be a Godsend to anyone intent on managing their finances effectively. Using your camera, all you need to do is take a picture of your receipts and upload it to the app.

Some apps even offer fully automated processing by importing details directly from your credit card or mobile phone scan, instantly generating detailed expense reports which can include date, vendor, cost categorisation and any other relevant information. The best news? Your receipt data is recorded to a very high degree of accuracy, meaning manually inputting expenses and amounts is a thing of the past!

Use Receipt Scanning Software

Anyone hoarding mountains of receipts in their pockets or desk this summer, or who has the none-too enviable task or collating, organising and reimbursing a wealth of business-related expenses will find desktop receipt scanning software essential.

There’s some great software available for both Macs and PC’s that will help you to organise, categorise and store receipts safely. Mobile scanners can be purchased at any good computer outlet which, much like receipt scanning OCR for mobile phones, will record and translate receipt data, storing it in a safe and secure file to access at any time.

So, there you have it! This summer why not make it the season that you finally get your receipts in order or accurately collate corporate expense accounts. With an OCR receipt scanner, it’s quick and easy!