Despite us being firmly entrenched in the digital age, paper is still a fundamental aspect of our working lives. It seems old habits die hard. Then again, if we’re honest, there’s no shortage of people who just don’t realise that there’s a better digital solution out there.

How often do you open your desk only to be confronted by stacks of receipts, everything from that business lunch to putting petrol in the tank earlier that week, month or even last year? Despite the evolving prominence of receipt scanning OCR apps, this circumstance is more common than you may think!

Minimising the amount of paper in your life should be a priority. But how do you go about it? Well, luckily there are a few essential tactics to help you master the paperless life – and we’re here to help explain them to you.

If in Doubt Scan Documents

By scanning documents and saving them to the cloud, you can save their content forever – or for as long as you need them! You won’t have to worry about manually filing documentation or receipts away or tossing them into drawers and then panicking when you can’t find them down the line.

All you need to do is take a picture of the receipt or document, hit save and that’s it. You can ever store different documents in allocated folders – and it’s all thanks to the revolutionary OCR receipt scanner technology we have available today!

Share Documents in a Paperless Meeting

Setting up a meeting can be tricky – especially if you need to coordinate multiple attendees across different locations. Gathering and sending any required documentation can add extra organisation hassle and strain.

However, thanks to the remote sharing of documentation, you can easily share information with attendees with just a few clicks. This makes setting up collaborative meetings a cinch. All you need to do is store your scanned receipts or documents in a shared file, set up a Skype call and you never need to worry about printing reams and reams of documents every again.

As a bonus, think about this: you’re directly contributing towards a sustainable commercial ecosystem and all you need is access to a document and OCR receipt scanner and IT platform!

Store Important Documents in One Place

Most businesses are likely to keep a plethora of digital documents, scattered across PCs and shared drives. This makes it difficult to find a single document containing important information.

Not only that, it’s not uncommon for businesses to still have physical files containing years and years’ worth of paper documentation that they’re yet to migrate across to digital format.

Indeed, the bigger the company and the longer they were trading before the technological revolution, the more likely they’re likely to have a single or several rooms filled with filing systems stacked atop one another.

What’s stopping you snapping a picture of your files in a staggered process and, using a receipt scanning OCR app and then uploading the document to the cloud?

Additionally, businesses tend to keep all necessary commercial documentation in several PCs and hard drives. What’s stopping you using an OCR document and receipt scanner to save and store your information online?

Now, we appreciate that not everyone will be enthused to transfer every paper document into a digital file. Indeed, there are definite examples of commercial documentation that you should keep a paper hard copy of, but what’s to stop you drastically reducing the amount of physical and computer storage space you have?

Save everything to the cloud and you’ll never have to worry about losing important documents again! Are you about to, or are considering moving offices in the foreseeable future? Then this process should be an essential element of your organisation. Period.

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