The world’s most
advanced receipt
scanning API technology

The perfect OCR receipt scanning API for developers, utilizing state-of-the-art receipt optical character recognition. Technology designed from the ground up for receipt recognition and data extraction.

High Precision

Tab Scanner offers an extremely accurate receipt scanning API extracting all data including line items.

Lighting Fast OCR

Technology that processes receipt data at sub-second speeds ensuring your software is super responsive.

Seamless Integration

Our receipt scanning API works seamlessly with all platforms ensuring smooth integration with all apps.

Tab Scanner Features

Tab Scanner is the world's first truly accurate check and receipt scanning technology. It utilises a highly crafted OCR system with state-of-the-art AI to ensure robust and reliable data extraction at lightning speeds.
  •     Highly accurate data extraction
  • Sub-second processing speeds
  • Cross-platform API support
  • Easily integrates with your software
  • Flexible pricing plans

Tab Scanner will take your existing software to the next level. Accuracy is key and our receipt scanning API technology will vastly improve your device’s performance ensuring customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Create innovative mobile apps that work accurately, reliably and fast! Tab Scanner’s unique technology will ensure your applications beat the competition.

We provide solutions for  all kinds of developers and companies. We are committed to seeing our technology become the standard for receipt and check scanning applications.

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