Today more than ever, businesses need to have an agile expense management solution. Why? Well, from streamlining expense processes to employing an agile, scalable customer loyalty programme, one that’s pertinent to the digital age, accurate EDE is NOT a trend. It’s a necessity – one that will continue to evolve to be more and more valuable in the coming years.

Think about it this way: Every successful business has a few things going for it. Sure, brand vision, reputation and service deliverable rates are all essential to continued success, but without any investment in financial management, any business will stutter. You could have the best product in the world, service(s) that wow customers, but without an efficient fiscal infrastructure your business will stutter.

It all boils down to one simple statement: Without assured fiscal processes you don’t have a business. You have a piggy bank.

Now that may sound blunt, but it’s a reality. In the modern commercial landscape, taking all appropriate measures to ensure, not only buoyancy but, flourishing is paramount. How can you achieve this? With investment in leading technology, such as the (EDE) expense data extraction.

Why Choose Tabscanner Receipt API?

We know that everyone is used to reading blogs and articles about any product or service where companies wax lyrical about benefits. Heck, a simple Google search, clickthrough to a website navigating to a case studies or blog pages and any good business will give you five, six, ten, twenty or however many reasons for you to buy into a business. This is what good digital marketing is all about!

However, we’d like to invite visitors to really think about why they should choose Tabscanner. Don’t do what a lot of people to, pay real attention to an article for the first few paragraphs, then have your attention wane as you practically skim read the remainder of the copy.

Really think about the technology behind a sublime receipt parser. We’ve invested much in creating technology that we believe will power the future of commercial expenses – something that’s apparent the more you absorb the benefits. So, without further ado, let us tell you about the features of the world’s most accurate (EDE) expense data extraction.

Intelligent Data Capture

Our AI understands receipt fields at human levels of intelligence. Just think about that for a moment. You can be assured that our EDE will identify and extract critical information for paper receipts without error.

When leveraged in combination with content management or business process automation software, businesses can use the extracted data for digital routing and delivery of relevant documents. In other words, you can drastically reduce manpower costs and eradicate manual data input, allowing staff to perform more critical tasks.

Then there’s the benefit of having better collaboration with remote workers, creating dynamic interaction between employees that are geographically far away from each another. Oh, and there’s also augmented security. Relevant content is routed to the correct directories at the earliest opportunity, safeguarding you from costly data loss and security breaches – and you can easily use passwords to restrict access.

More Than 100,000,000 Receipts Captured

If there’s one universal truth its this: do something once and you’re a novice. Do something 100,000,00 times and you’re an expert. This is the exact quality that Tabscanner embodies.

Trusted by businesses the world over, Tabscanner has extracted data from more than 100,000,000 receipts worldwide. To put that into perspective, Egypt, and Ethiopia both have a population of around 100,000,000. At the start of 2019, Amazon announced that they have sold 100,000,000 Alexa units.
We have worked tirelessly to continually improve the prowess of our receipt capture technology and today offer the most versatile (EDE) expense data extraction solution on the market.

Lightning Fast Cloud API

All receipt data fields are processed in less than two seconds. Our API is the pinnacle of OCR recognition. Able to extract and categorise both structured and unstructured receipts in the blink of an eye, including SKU-level data, consumer purchase and business contact details with ease, our API has evolved to, not just meet but, exceed customer demands.

This provides users with powerful business intelligence in real-time in the palm of their hands. You can make decisions faster, get clear purchase clarification quicker and say goodbye to the time-consuming manual purchase spreadsheet logging.

98% Accuracy on Core Data

What was the single attribute that halted mainstream adoption of OCR technology? Data reliability. After all, what good is transferring paper receipts to a digital format if core data is lost?

With Tabscanner this longstanding concern is now a thing of the past. Our technology is so advanced that it can achieve 98% accuracy on core data. To put that into context, lie detectors are only considered to be between 80-90% accurate.

If the success of a product or service is measured by its accuracy in delivering what consumers require, it seems indisputable that Tabscanner is light years ahead of most any comparable product on the market today!

Line Item Data Extraction

As the only technology with a receipt parser capable of completing accurate line item data extraction from any POS receipt in the world, it’s easy to see the global appeal the technology has – and why 100,000,000 receipts have already been captured.

In the past, the quality of the paper receipt, the lighting when taking a picture, and the format of the receipt affected the ability to capture receipt data as the quality of the any OCR algorithm. Great news! This is no longer the case.

More than that, the technology can recognise varying characters, words, numbers, and amounts better than any other receipt parser on the market? What does this mean? Whether your receipt is printed in Mandarin, English, Spanish or Arabic, all paper data will be accurately captured and transferred to digital format.

Simple and Robust API

Are you someone who scratches their head when trying to install or integrate new software to an existing platform? Well, fear not. The simple and robust API makes integrating the receipt parser technology a piece of cake.

Mobile application can be setup in a minute. All you need to do is make sure you have your iPhone camera handy and follow the instructions once you’ve taken a picture of your receipt. It’s really that simple!

Multi-lingual Support

According to recent statistics, there are 1.1 billion people in the world who speak Mandarin, 983 million English speakers, 527 million people who speak Spanish and 422 million people who speak Arabic – and these are just the five most common languages in the world today.

Just 43% of people in the world are bilingual and 13% of people are trilingual. So, it stands to reason that if you want to maximise the reach of your technology, your best bet is to make sure that it can be used in different languages – this is exactly what Tabscanner’s (EDE) expense data extraction technology does.

Capable of extracting and transferring most any language or character set in the world, the technology offers a truly global solution. Now, just think about that for a moment. You can extract and upload paper data into a digital format whatever your native language is. That’s truly remarkable.

SOC3 and GDPR Compliant

Strict data privacy policies and ISO 27001 certification ensures that your data is fully protected. You absolutely don’t need to be concerned about your personal data being stolen or corrupted. The technology is overseen by the toughest privacy and security law in the world.

Not only that, Tabscanner’s receipt parser technology personifies processing integrity, rigid security protocols and stakeholder confidence. Data captured is not localised (stored on an individual platform in a file that can be accessed.) Instead it is uploaded to the Cloud, where cutting-edge security is assured.

To sum up, the features of Tabscanner’s technology are what set it apart. Light years ahead of the competition and with a reputation that’s growing by the day, there is no doubt that the investment made by the business will surely elevate it to be head and shoulders above competing technologies.

The only real question is this: can your business really afford to not give it a try?