Auto-Validation on US Stores For Loyalty Rewards Apps

Loyalty Reward Partners

loyalty receipt extraction


Tabscanner was looking for ways to improve the automation of receipt data extraction for its loyalty reward and market research partners. Due to the sheer volume of receipts, many of our partners in these markets took between 1 and 3 days to issue rewards or cashback to their users.

Our total auto-validation feature improved overall speeds in the validation departments, allowing companies to skim the results quickly and approve the receipts for the issue of rewards. The bottleneck now seemed to be the establishments which whilst extracted correctly 93% of the time, still needed a manual check and the occasional correction in order to be validated for rewards.

The receipt date proved to be less of an issue when it came to auto-validation and automatically issuing rewards. Most of our partners would accept and validate receipts that were issued within the previous 3-7 days, and so were satisfied if the extracted date fell within this window.

Ultimately, in the majority of use cases, cashback and rewards could only be issued when a shopper made a purchase from a selected store. The rewards were usually issued based on the total amount purchased, date and the store it was purchased from.

Walmart Trial

wallmart receipt extraction

We decided to run a trial on Walmart stores across the US. The goal was to fully automate the reward system on purchases made from Walmart. We used a comprehensive and reliable database of Walmart stores to auto-lookup and validate the stores based on data detected within the receipt.

The trial proved to be a success and where previously, rewards were issued in a 24-48 hour period, Walmart receipt rewards were issued within minutes or even seconds depending on user activity.

The company’s studies showed that the speed of receiving rewards and cashback increased user satisfaction significantly. They also found that app reviews improved and referrals to friends and family increased also.

US Store Auto-Validation

We then rolled this establishment auto-validation feature out to other US stores that were of interest to a number of our US partners. The feature has now proved to be complementary to our total auto-validation feature in completely automating rewards and cashback for many of our partners.

Tabscanner now continues to add new stores on request to fully automate this reward and rebate business model. The feature has also become particularly popular with shopping mall loyalty apps where the validation of their stores is much simpler than worldwide or nationwide stores and outlets.

Below are some of our current US stores with auto-validation. If this feature is of interest, please get in touch to find out more.