Apps have changed our lives. From banking at the click of a button to managing any utility bills, checking the news or even playing games, it’s hard to imagine what life was like without the convenience, efficiency and speed of mobile apps.

However, most of us have given little thought to how developers have managed to bring such innovation to our lives, let alone just how important a great API (application programming interface) is to ensure an apps faultless functionality.

A receipt scanning API is a great example of the technological marvels that developers have achieved. With the mere swipe of a button, we can transfer paper receipts to an online platform. The importance of having a great API or SDK (software development kit) to effectively manage OCR API receipts cannot be overstated – after all, it’s your expenditure we’re talking about here!

What Is A Receipt Scanner API?

In simple terms, APIs are systems provide the facility and framework that allows one application to communicate with another. APIs are hardly something new, the requirements they set for the exchange of information has been a staple of online connectivity for years.

In a more general sense, think of how the Google Maps app displays nearby places of interest to a specific location, including landmarks, businesses and schools. The Google Maps API is communicating with their APIs to display this data.

A receipt scanning API allows for data to be transferred from an Excel spreadsheet to an itemised receipt or bill. Mobile users need only take a picture of their receipt and scan it into the app to record essential expenditure.

Why Is a Great API Is Essential to Receipt Scanners?

APIs communicate to deliver valuable data to the app user. A poor API will not pull in all the appropriate data – which can lead users having to count the cost (pardon the pun) of having a poor API – especially if an app shows notable transaction discrepancies.   

A great receipt scanner IOS will identify every data element individually. Information will then be processed and displayed with the highest degree of accuracy. This allows users to track their expenditure with full confidence that every element of the transaction has been accounted for.

The Reviews of Current Receipt Scanning App Options

The whole point of apps is that they provide access to content and information quicker than online browsing when searching on a mobile device. The success of an app depends on its ability to be reliable, consistent and easy to use.

Customer reviews are one of the strongest online endorsements any product can have. People trust reviews, believing them to be honest and transparent. After all, positive reviews are placed by consumers happy with a product or service – and willing to shout about it!

Reviews highlighting the superiority of a receipt scanner Linux system, and how it provides superior functionality to the app, are no different. These reviews will help the consumer make positive purchase decisions.

The Capabilities of a Receipt Scanner App

The emerging apps make managing OCR bills a breeze. OCR technology has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years and is today substantially cheaper than manual data entry.

Whereas OCR (or optical character recognition) is perfectly capable of scanning and transferring characters, the only current drawback is that it cannot yet manage complex imagery.

However, this hardly relevant when scanning itemised receipts. Apps can also produce expense reports, allowing users to control their expenditure, factoring in the date that any purchases were made.

To discover more about optical character recognition software and how it can simplify your businesses’ receipt recording, contact Tabscanner, the world’s most advanced receipt scanning technology provider.