With our increasingly digitised world, more and more businesses are turning from conventional commercial practices in search of a quicker and more efficient way of managing day-to-day activities.

One area that has benefitted tremendously from the advent of the digital age is accounting and expense management. This is no more apparent than with the wealth of new and innovative accountancy software options emerging in the marketplace with each passing year.

Now, before we go any further it’s important to realise that identifying the best business accounting program is challenging. Why? The suitability of one application over another is entirely subjective and dependent on a wealth of different factors, including cost, user preferences and compatibility with other programs. However, from a general perspective there are some software packages that offer distinct benefits over others.

So, if you’ve already employed receipt OCR technology within the workplace and are determined to further consolidate your commercial digital assets, here’s a look at the accountancy software that has garnered the most acclaim in Dubai and across the UAE.

Microsoft Dynamics

CRM software developed by leading IT behemoth Microsoft, Dymanics offers the full-suite of accounting and management functionalities in one place. Replacing Microsoft Business Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics is not just renowned in the UAE, but the world over.

Over the course of the software’s lifespan, third parties, including Navision, Axapta, Solomon and Great Plains, have created products, which can run through Microsoft Dynamics, allowing customers to tailor the software to their precise needs.

Tally Solutions

Pioneering tech company, Tally Solutions was the first business to introduce codeless software, a natural language interface, path-breaking remote functionality and many other IT capabilities to marketplace.

Not only that, Tally Solutions was the first business to introduce free upgrades and no charge per seat, completely transforming ownership experience. With strong principles focused on reaching customers through a dedicated partner network and robust partner system has made Tally Solutions one of the most-used and leading accounting software packages in the UAE.


SolutionDots offers an efficient accounting solution, easy to use functionality and can be designed to meet virtually every need. Though access to secondary options can be complicated, SolutionDots offers the opportunity for several companies to manage reporting, detect irregularities simultaneously.

Moreover, SolutionDots easy-to-use software provides access to quick and relevant information using the toolbar and is easily as efficient as receipt OCR. Invoices, vendors and vital customer information can be easily accessed and any irregularities in accounts are immediately flagged, giving customers optimal transparency. The software also features multi-user functionality with personalised access.

INFOR LN (formerly Baan)

Software aimed at large and medium corporations; INFOR LN is widely praised for providing optimal security, strength and extensive functionality. Just as
receipt scanning OCR can drastically improve expenditure and accounts processes for businesses of all descriptions, INFOR LN is revered for its place in the sector.

Robust and compatible with a wealth of different databases, including Oracle, SQL and Informix and different operating systems, including Unix, Linux and Windows, INFOR LN has customers across the UAE and around the world.

Once you have employed Tabscanner’s unique receipt scanning OCR app in your business, why not consider further digitising your commercial processes by using one of these accountancy software packages. You’ll save time and money, whilst optimising commercial processes and, all in all, servicing your clients better.