It cannot be denied that an OCR receipt scanning app, like Tabscanner, helps you boost productivity by saving you mountains of admin time.

Even when you’re on a roll at work with completing duties speedily, comprehensively and fluidly, your day can be derailed by distractions, unnecessary admin duties or corrections, even unforeseen circumstances.

As frustrating at these can be, there are always ways of tackling your day-to-day activities better to make sure that the next time a distraction arises, one with the potential to keep you in the office long after everyone has left for the evening, you have the resources required to get it done and then move on.

Below is a list of five apps that any professional person will benefit from using to help them work more efficiently and effectively every day – no matter what occurs on any given day.


A similar as it sounds to something we do when our mind’s wander in meetings, or something that small children find especially fun to do in the most inconvenient of circumstances and places, the Doodle app makes organising your day child’s play.

This useful mobile app and website platform takes the pain out of scheduling meetings and corporate events. Most of us rely on Outlook and our iPhone calendar to make sure that we never miss something we’re supposed to attend. That’s fine, but if a better platform comes along, why not use it?

Like any OCR receipt scanning app, Doodle saves you time and stress. You’ll never miss another meeting again. All you do is set up a list of possible dates and times you’re able to attend a meeting and invite attendees to tick the dates and times that work for them. Everyone’s calendar data is fully accessible, and recipients don’t need to set up personal Doodle accounts as it can be automatically integrated into anyone’s calendar, Outlook and Office 365.


FocusList helps you to plan your day, dividing the morning, afternoon and evening into a series of timed tasks. Perfect for anyone short on time, with multiple responsibilities to attend to each day and little time, like an OCR check, FocusList meticulous approach to data is its strength.

Exclusive to iOS and MacOS, the app encourages users to follow the Pomodore Techique, a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980’s. Users work in a set of 25-minute sessions, followed by five-minute intervals. This keeps your brain fresh and productive. Productivity can then be tracked over weeks or months, giving you the chance to hone daily activities.


Have you ever noticed that the email you’ve been waiting on all day drops into your inbox at the most inconvenient time? Well, Boomerang can help you with that, allowing you to manage your time better each day.

A plugin for Gmail, Outlook and Android, Boomerang lets you temporarily dismiss your inbox messages for a few hours or even a few days until you’re better equipped to deal with them.

This is the perfect extension for anyone who has a project that they need to focus the entirety of their efforts on above all else. Boomerang allows you to pause your inbox entirely or suspend the never-ending email alerts for an assigned period.

Not only that but you can even schedule any outgoing messages so that they’re sent at specified and convenient times to you. Just like OCR receipt scanning technology, this simple extension allows you to be more efficient, organised and productive all day, every day.


Trello is a group collaboration tool that makes managing team workflows a cinch. Tasks are organised as cards and arranged on boards which are then assigned to team members to complete.

The dashboard is clear and easy-to-understand. Cards can be updated with notes, links, attachments and other relevant information, and there are even automatic notifications that keep everyone working on the same page. As with an OCR check, Trello displays and relevant information that makes every task easier to complete, ensuring that minimal, if any mistakes are ever made – and the tool actively encourages group participation and teamwork.

Paid for Trello plans bring with them added features, however many businesses find the free edition powerful enough to support their day-to day operations.

These are just four apps that are guaranteed to boast the productivity in your office. If you’re frustrated with a lack of teamwork, sound communication and organisation and always suffer felling as though there’s never enough hours in the day, why not try one of these apps today!

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