Decision making, problem-solving, communicating and payroll whizz extraordinaire; running a small business requires nothing if not a multi-faceted skill set. With the fate of your monthly income in your own hands, it’s important that you know your stuff, have an infrastructure that supports productivity and can delegate to people you trust.

Mobile OCR receipt scanning apps are perfect for helping small business owners to manage their expenditure. However, as essential as they are, receipt scanning apps can’t help you to manage all areas of your business with sublime ease and skill – making everything seem easy.

So, if you’re looking for a resource that outlines three apps that will help you to better manage different areas of your small business, Tabscanner has you covered.


Building and effectively servicing your client base is essential to small businesses. You need to cultivate trust and authority. This is how you’ll achieve short and long-term growth. Remember, people buy from people they like, and trust and authority are attractive professional qualities to have.

But, before you start picking up the phone you need to find a way to manage your contacts. Enter, Addappt. This easy to use app allows your contacts to update their contact information – and for that contact information to automatically show in your address book – providing you’re both using Addappt.

Contacts are easily organised into groups and you can send direct messages to any contact in your address book. Now you never need to make repeated phone calls or be put on hold as your passed from department to department, trying to get hold of someone when you really need to!


As any small business owner knows, time is precious. No matter how conscientious you are with your time management, the clock still ticks away. If only there was a way that you could accurately track your time, identifying parts of the day that could be better organised, allowing you to stay focused on the most important tasks at hand.

Well, thanks to Rescuetime, there is. Just as OCR receipt scanning technology allows you to streamline the time spent on your expenses, Rescuetime allows you to view and track the time you spend on any online and mobile platforms.

The app sends you detailed reports and data based on your activity, giving you an exact overview of how you spend your day. It has never been easier to practice excellent time management and create extra time each day!


If you’re looking to improve on your businesses’ collaboration and communication, then you need to get Asana. Like OCR cheque scanning platforms, Asana offers a comprehensive overview of your activities each day.

This web-based app lets you view your ‘To-Do’ list and follow you and your colleagues progress throughout the day. You can share notes, upload files can send messages directly – without having to use Microsoft Outlook, Gmail or any other email platform.

In addition, Asana can also be integrated with Google Drive and Dropbox to attach and share files between colleagues. You even have the option of sending a message with each file, posting progress updates and important information.

Don’t forget to look for apps specific for your industry, for example I have used Salon Touch for my wife’s spa and salon business. There are lots of digital solutions now for all sorts of things.

These are just three examples of apps that, alongside Tabscanner’s OCR receipt scanning technology can help you run a tighter ship, maximise the time and profits of your small business. Why not try one of these or our receipt scanning app and see just how much more efficient your business processes could be!