You might have heard of receipt data OCR (optical character recognition). You’ve probably heard of EDE (expense data extraction). Two terms that probably don’t come up too often in casual conversation.

Most of us will be able to figure out the latter, extracting data, right? But, the former may, for some, be a little more difficult to get your head around. In fact, an expense data extraction API could be precisely what your business needs and you don’t even know it.

That’s the problem with tech companies these days. Most seem to communicate in jargon. Some find it difficult to communicate with customers exactly what they offer without confusing them. We are not one of these tech companies.

So, let us explain a little about expense data extraction and how a receipt scanning API can help achieve lauded results… in other words why you need the best third-party software to scan and transfer a picture of your receipt to digital format. With us? Okay, let’s continue.

Image Recognition

Okay, let’s say that you want to take a picture of something for reference later. For argument sake, we’ll say that you’re an artist and have been inspired to paint a picturesque landscape. This takes time. Not even Turner could immaculately recreate landscapes in a matter of minutes!

What do you need to paint your own magnum opus? Well, a picture would come in handy, right. This way you can go back to it again and again to get the weather conditions, green hillside tones, undulations, and colour shade of plant life exactly right.

Before you wonder why we’re referencing Turner when talking about receipt data extraction API, hear us out. The more accurate the picture, the more likely you are to capture those small but vital details that make all the difference. This is exactly what proficient receipt scanning API, like Tabscanner’s will achieve. 98% accuracy on core data across different receipt formats, even languages and myriad of global characters.

Simple Integration

The best software can be used by anyone. It can be integrated into a wealth of devices. Laptops, desktops, mobile devices, even wearable technology. The more access people have to software, the more likely it is to be invaluable – providing that it neatly fulfils its purpose, of course.

Think of Microsoft Office. People all over the world rely on Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Publisher, OneDrive – even Teams is now essential to communication. Without it, basic communicate would be wholly different.

The best part? Microsoft Office can be installed in a range of devices. From Dell laptops to Acer tablets, Apple iPads to HP desktops. The software is about as flexible as you can get.

Receipt data extraction API is easy to integrate into mobile devices too! Managing fiscal expenses can be done on the go and in the palm of your hands – and you don’t need to tell us just how convenient this is! Oh, and we haven’t even mentioned the cost saving and how it’s quick and easy to setup and use.

How a Receipt Scanning API Can Help with Expense Data Extraction

Scalable and Flexible

Okay, so let’s say that you want to trial expense data extraction API without committing to purchasing the software. Can you do this? Of course. Tabscanner, the world’s most accurate OCR API, gives customers the opportunity to trial the software before putting their hands in their pockets. All you need to do is click the link here and you’ll be directed to an instant test platform.


Once you’ve tried it out, you can then choose from three packages: Basic, Pro and Enterprise. You can expect scalable solutions and prices to suit your budget. Confident and assured data extraction is guaranteed with Tabscanner’s peerless API, the only thing you need to consider is the features you need – and your budget.

So, you could start with the Basic package before migrating onto the Pro package and then the Enterprise package. It all depends on you! Integration is easy – in a matter on minutes you could get a tight reign on your expenses and ask yourself how you every got along without Tabscanner’s API.

The best part? Data extraction is efficient and reliable, regardless of the package you choose. This is the benefit of having an API that has been honed and tested through years of development to bring the best possible product to market.

There you are. How expense data extraction API can revolutionise how you manage your receipts. If you’d like to learn more, such as why crumpled receipts are not a problem for our API, or that the global reach extends from the west to the east, meaning that this receipt scanning software can be used in the US, UK, Japan or UAE with ease, get in touch with us today!