Connecting with your clients during lockdown can be a challenge. After all, irrespective of what your business does, your customers want to feel assured, optimistic, and brimming with confidence that your business can meet, or better still, exceed their expectations. 

Now, there’s much more to commercial success than that, but the reality is that good businesses make emotional connections with their clients. This can be challenging to achieve in lockdown. 

Receipt Readers Use New Receipt OCR API Technology

The new OCR technology allows for paperless receipts, or at least reading the receipts to make digital copies. The current global climate, one where social distancing and remote working for many businesses is the new norm and represents the new frontier of relationship management. Existing commercial models have been disrupted, with face-to-face interaction is becoming a thing of the past. 

However, before you let out a deep sigh, disheartened by the effect of the global pandemic, consider this: the commercial landscape has been disrupted before… many times… and we’ve adapted, persevered, even prospered.

So, how can your business guarantee a smooth transition is these disruptive times? Well, one way is to utilise technology. Online video conferencing, receipt readers, project management platforms all help to ease the disruption. Let’s look at this in a little greater detail.

How to Make Connections with Clients?

Making connections with clients in the current climate is all about being there. Making all their interactions with you as efficient and seamless as possible. Think of it this way, what do you think opinions of support tickets are? Reactive? No. Support tickets are viewed as distant. Client’s feel reduced to a number. 

How could this process be improved? Start a dialogue. Open a virtual chat. Engage clients. Don’t reduce them to a number and tell them that they’ll be contacted in due course. Engaging your clients is personal. It shows you care. 

Businesses should go one step further and utilise video conferencing software. It’s not hard to use and there are difference platforms to choose from. Microsoft Teams, Zoom, even FaceTime are great platforms for communicating face-to-face with clients, even if its virtual. 

How to On-Board Tech Cynical Clients

The value in adopting receipt reader API technology or cloud-based platforms, for instance, is clear in a business operations sense, but often not transparent for clients. In fact, in some cases, clients can be resistant to evolving technology.

Why is this? Lack of knowledge? Lack of incentive? Lack of necessity? The reasons can go on and on. However, it’s the responsibility of a business to stress the benefits to clients of adopting new processes, making sure that even the most cynical understand that if they resist then they’re likely to experience a lesser service.

Let’s take receipt readers. What if we told you that hiring an accountant to manage your expenses at a significant cost to your business is a thing of the past. Would you trust the technology to save your business much time, effort and, most obviously, money? Or would you insist on sticking with what you know? 

Astute businesses understand the importance of having one eye on the future. This is what receipt reader API is – technology that’s at the forefront of commercial expenses. Pretty soon, every business will manage their finances with online platforms. Don’t believe us? Consider this: Can you name a current commercial process or attribute that wouldn’t be bolstered by technological ingenuity?

Then there’s the climate. Right now, many businesses cannot simply meet with accountants or bookkeepers. Social distancing has made meeting clients face-to-face difficult, if not impossible. 

Now, this may change as 2020 unfolds, but whose to say whether packed, bustling offices, conferences or client meetings will flourish again. Would you feel confident attending a conference with hundreds of other invitees?

On-boarding tech-cynical clients is paramount – and here’s the good thing: once people learn the value of tech like receipt readers, they become advocates. Especially if they’d previously been resistant to it.

Why Choose Tabscanner Receipt Reader API

There are many reasons why your business should invest in the Tabscanner’s receipt reader API. For starters, Tabscanner offers the world’s most accurate receipt OCR. It is the only technology to return accurate line items from any POS receipt in the world. 

With intelligent data capture, the AI software understands receipt fields to human levels of intelligence, processing all data fields from a POS receipt in under two seconds. 

Need further convincing? Tabscanner achieves 98% accuracy on core data fields, including totals, establishments and dates and can extract accurate data from any global language and character set. 

Right now, there’s never been a better time to optimise commercial processes – something that will help businesses to better manage their client relationships and establish a stellar reputation.

The lockdown won’t last forever so why not take the time to build solid foundations to give your business a springboard when normal business activity resumes? Why not invest in digital receipt reader technology?