In case you didn’t know, one of the worlds’ leading food-manufacturing companies, Kellogg, has become on the biggest proponents of OCR receipt technology by updating its rewards program.

Employing a mobile-first approach, Kellogg claims to be the first consumer packaged goods company to integrate frequent shopper behaviour with receipt scanning for point collection. This is one of the clearest indications yet that receipt scanning technology is set to burst forth and become intrinsic to our daily lives.

Allowing members of its rewards program to collect points by scanning receipts, Kellogg has effectively eliminated the need for package codes, making it easier than ever before for consumers to collect points for purchase, streamlining rewards programs.

Making it Easier than Ever Before for Consumers to Claim Points

Launched in 2012, Kellogg’s Family Rewards Program has already proven to be a big hit with consumers. The news that Kellogg is evolving to make it easier than ever before for consumers to receive points can only be met praise from consumers.

Despite the popularity of rewards programs, collecting and entering points directly tied to purchases is a process that could be streamlined. This is exactly what Kellogg has done for their customers.

In uploading a receipt using a mobile OCR receipt scanner or linking the receipt to participating retailer frequent shopper cards it has never been easier for consumers to claim loyalty rewards.

Charitable Donations and Benefits

The evolution in Kellogg’s point’s rewards through OCR receipt technology allows Kellogg to partner with leading retailers and give something back to charity. Member’s can donate points to a variety of hunger-relief charities. Partnering with leading brands, the Kellogg Family Rewards program includes notable brands, including Pringles and Murray and Murray.

All points for Kellogg foods purchased at retailers with participating frequent shopper programs will automatically be added to members’ Kellogg Family Rewards accounts, allowing shoppers to link their retailer membership number to the program.

For a CPG brand like Kellogg, mobile is a natural way for the brand to accelerate loyalty-building efforts. Why? Mobile streamlines the entire redemption process – therefore encouraging more people to participate.

With the ever-increasing acceleration of mobile technology and time spent online the natural correlation for a loyalty program and in-store promotion for CPG brands like Kellogg to offer an enhanced customer experience through increased accessibility and instant gratification is evident.

The introduction of supporting a mobile receipt scanner to build customer loyalty – and give something back – is a surefire way for Kellogg to show that they are responding to an evolution in the retail sector.

The Emotional Bond Kellogg Creates

In aligning practices with the way that consumers are behaving, Kellogg’s introduction of a mobile OCR receipt-based rewards program will create an emotional bond that will inspire long-term brand loyalty.

The question of whether or not employing a mobile-first attitude towards their rewards programs is a good idea is moot. The real question is how expansive will the program be.

Every smartphone user understands the value the device has to their lives. In combining smartphone, app, OCR receipt scanner technology with a rewards program, Kellogg is responding the digital age and what consumers want. This emotional bond will inspire long-term customer loyalty – something that every brand, not just Kellogg desires. Visit Receipt OCR News for more examples.