It’s often been said that the key to productivity is organisation. We’ve all heard the expression, ‘a well-oiled machine’, well that’s what everyone should strive to achieve when undertaking any task.

In truth, working as a well-oiled machine is easy when you have the right tools – it’s also paramount when managing complex and comprehensive information.

Receipt scanner software enables you to store, organise and access your financial expenditure easily and efficiently. Especially useful for large commercial organisations, the degree to which receipt scanning technology is evolving will surely make paper receipts redundant sooner rather than later.

Given the potential commercial application, it should come as no surprise that receipt scanning software is becoming increasingly advanced – and prominent. But, how do you know which software is fit for your purpose?

Here’s a quick look at the features exemplary receipt scanning software should demonstrate to appeal to a mass marketplace.

User-Friendly OCR Receipt Scanning API

The key to any successful digital platform is having a user-friendly interface. In today’s modern world, consumers demand access to information quicker and easier than ever before. A complicated, unresponsive, or slow interface won’t impress anybody.

A product’s success is judged on the value that it brings to the marketplace. That value is increased significantly by the product’s quality. Successful receipt scanning software will be simple and easy to use – and reliable.

Leading receipt scanning software offers a powerful interface, combined with device accessibility. This means from the moment that from the first moment that you pick up a device and open the software, you’ll be able to scan, store, organise and access your receipts.

Not only that but, whether identifying an OCR cheque or retail receipt, every line or aspect of every transaction should be clearly recorded. This enables you to gain a clear understanding of your financial expenditure – something that’s especially important for large commercial organisations who must manage a significant number of expense claims.

Powerful Capabilities for a Bill OCR

When technology is in its infancy, often consumers wait for an upgrade or next generation before committing to a purchase, fearing limited functionality and value.

Thankfully, current receipt scanning software is already demonstrating superior data extraction capabilities. Whether using the software to record an OCR bill, or logging the expense claims for tens, if not hundreds, of employees, receipt scanning software can already clearly record itemised expenses and export the information to software for analysis.

Not only that but, it’s also paramount to consider the amount of storage space and security protocols of any receipt scanning software. Financial records must be kept confidential, with all information accurately recorded to the nth degree.

When choosing any receipt scanning software, consumers must, first and foremost, make sure that their private financial records remain private. Yet, this is something that consumers need not worry about. All data is protected by security protocols, meaning you – and only you – have access to private financial data.

Check OCR Flexible Recognition

Receipts come in all shapes and sizes. Before choosing any receipt scanning software, it’s important that you know the software capabilities.

Early generation receipt scanning could scan and record a single receipt, but not individually recognise each line on an itemised bill. This proved ineffective for meticulous recording.

Today, however, leading receipt scanning apps can individually recognise each expenditure line, providing you with an accurate, itemised expenditure record, regardless of the shape and size of the receipt.

Commercial organisations benefit greatly from this capability as no expenditure amount will be lost. And, let’s be honest, when employees embark on a business trip with their expenses paid for by their employer, just how often is a single expense claimed back?

As you can see, there are a few primary considerations to make before choosing which receipt scanning software is best-equipped to manage your expenses. Consumers are advised to do their homework… it’ll pay dividends in the end!