The Product Matching Bottleneck

Tabscanner recently partnered with another Loyalty Reward provider to help provide detailed insights into shopping habits and CPG purchases. The company recently hit a bottleneck when outsourcing their receipt data extraction to an OCR company.

The issue was with slow turnaround times and inaccurate data being returned as they were trying to scale up. Another problem was within line item extraction, as whilst their existing provider was transcribing line items, not all key fields were accurately being returned to assist with consistent product matching. The data varied from image to image, even on the same product descriptions and codes from the same stores, and not all the detailed fields were being identified consistently.

The process was also proving to be too expensive to scale up their user base and branch out to new stores. Users expected rewards to be issued within up to 72 hours but even then, the backlog of unprocessed receipts was not returning enough validated data back to ensure this timeline was met. This was leading to poor reviews and lower ratings on the app stores. Receipts were often being rejected which upon closer inspection, should have been rewarded.

receipt ocr POC

Parallel Trial Run

The company proceeded with a parallel trial run with Tabscanner and were very impressed by the results. Over a period of 3 weeks they had seen enough to move from their existing provider over to Tabscanner. Due to the integration and testing during the parallel run, it was very easy to send the rest of their incoming receipt images through our API and fully move over to our solution.

Their rewards process is now much smoother and Tabscanner has proven itself as far more accurate on product code, descriptions and right down to units and quantities also. Our auto validation feature on stores and totals has also seen turnaround times reduce significantly and this has lead to greater user satisfaction and better reviews appearing on app stores.

The company is now scaling up their users and their growth strategy is moving forward very well. Tabscanner is proud to be providing another successful solution within the reward/ consumer insights market and is actively looking for new partners where there is a mutually beneficial fit.