When the subject of artificial intelligence is raised, a fair proportion of people will automatically think robotics. They’ll cite media, books, even movies that over the last few decades has fundamentally shaped what they view as AI.

Now, yes robotics is artificial intelligence but it’s just one aspect of AI. Look below surface level of understanding and you’ll find a wealth of examples of simulated human intelligence that are performing tasks today that we take for granted.

From language processing and translation to pattern matching and task accomplishment, AI is already here. Scientific visionaries and ambitious start-ups come up new and exciting artificial applications all the time!

Best Artificial Intelligence APIs

Let’s have a look at examples of the five best artificial intelligence APIs that people are using every single day the world over. Read all five, the last one, Tabscanner’s OCR receipt data extraction has the potential to revolutionise your business.

Alexa Skill Management API

Every tech-savvy home will likely have an Alexa. Amazon’s intuitive, voice-activated command management device allows users to find out information from the web, keep a to-do list, provide weather, or traffic updates – even play your favourite songs.

The Alexa skill management API allows the virtual assistant API to learn new skills or perform updates. Skills are largely generic, but with value. For instance, Alexa can learn how to read news headlines from around the world or even book a flight.

Amazon claims that Alexa can learn more than 70,000 new skills which is testament to how the technology has and will continue to evolve to enrich our lives – much like receipt data extraction API has evolved to become the most reliable and efficient means of managing our expenses.

Personal Remedies API

Patients with chronic health conditions, or anyone focused on maintaining a healthy mind and body will benefit from personal remedies API. Why? The technology gives users access to a wealth of information about food and health.

Often, people buy eat food without a solid understanding of just how healthy or unhealthy it is. Without strong understanding of the nutritional value of what you’re eating, many people can spend their lives eating the wrong food and not even be aware of it.

This can be especially detrimental to the health and well-being of people with chronic health conditions or people who require a specific diet to improve or maintain their well-being. Personal Remedies Nutridigm API identifies the best diet choices for individuals based on health risks, allergies, food preferences or any medication they’re taking. This makes this API not just advisable, but indispensable to many people around the globe – much like receipt processing API enhances a business’s ability to efficiently manage expenses.

Salesforce Einstein Language API

This API has two separate parts. The first analyses text from emails, chats, or other online platforms and is called the Einstein Sentiment. A fancy name, but one that encapsulates the APIs functionality and purpose. Once analysed, the text is separated into positive, negative, and neutral classifications to understand the emotional feeling and intent of the text.

The second part is the Einstein Intent which allows for categories of unstructured text to be created and user-defined labels assigned to fully understand what the user is trying to accomplish. This allows users to understand consumer intent clearly and create better responses to opinions.

Much like OCR receipt data extraction, having this degree of insight fundamentally changes our understanding of simple intentions and allows for fully customisable solutions to problems to be created.

Qloo API

Qloo API detects trends in user preferences and personalises related items within a database of culture and entertainment. What does this mean? In short, it provides people with access to goods and services that they want to buy or be a part of.

The API generate matching recommendations for user-to-user or item-to-item searches on a wide variety of media and lifestyle categories and maps geographical locations or entertainment spots where events are held. Want to find where to buy the latest books, fashion, or music? Qloo API has you covered.
Tabscanner Receipt Processing API

The world’s most accurate receipt OCR, Tabscanner can extract receipt data from paper documents and transfer data into digital format. Through levels of intelligence equal to human capabilities, this receipt processing API can completely change how we manage our finances.

How? Everyone in the world buys things. Most of us, every single day. Receipts are often lost, discarded, or even end up crumpled in our pockets, making tracking how much we’ve spent challenging – and fraught with inaccuracies and inconsistencies.

Tabscanner makes this a thing of the past. Whether you’re a business with hundreds of employees all claiming their expenses every month or an individual who’d like to better understand how they’re managing their money, Tabscanner’s API with its 98% accuracy and success in extracting more than 100,000,000 receipt worldwide is as proficient as it is useful.

So, there you have it. Five of the best artificial APIs that people are using every single day. It’s amazing to think that we’re living in an age when our lives are greatly enhanced by API… and what’s even better is that as the years unfold, convenience, accessibility and insight will only grow!